Portland in Spring

Last week, I left my kiddos and insanely jealous wife behind to once again travel northwesterly to the place where flannel shirts never went out of style—Portland.

Here I am at the printing press, posing next to what looks like two giant rolls of toilet paper (well, we did eat a lot of ethnic food).

My previous trips to Portland came in the winter and fall. This time, spring was in full bloom. The climate was just as moderate, the streets still perpetually damp, but there were a lot more flowers to be had.

After we finished our press check, I explored some of the neighborhoods on the east side of the Willamette River. I walked several miles, though not always intentionally since my map was woefully inadequate.

I love the look of the moss on the trees, stairways, etc. However, I am told the locals find the moss to be kind of a nuisance. I would say the grass is always greener, but no, Utah is still kinda brown.

Time to mow that lawn.

I'm a sucker for cool old buildings, train tracks, and dramatic clouds—even more so in combination.

Even though the spring colors were lovely, that's not going to stop me from going black & white for these last few shots.

I was lucky enough to find the Laurelhurst Theater amid my aimless wanderings. We also drove by it again at dusk and witnessed the fully-functioning neon lit up to glorious effect.


Krissy said...

I am still insanely jealous. I wish I had mossy stairs.

Ben said...

These pictures are all awesome.