Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Barton cabin. It rained/snowed off and on all weekend, but the only thing the weather really spoiled was our plans to go running. Mostly we just relaxed in and around the cabin—reading, playing with toys, finding worms, etc. We did venture into Heber on Saturday when Kristen got pink eye. While she saw a doctor, the kids and I drove by the railroad station to catch a glimpse of Thomas the Train.

Our kids are weird...

...really weird. 
I love this pair of shots. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. 

What cabin post would be complete without a photo of a random object?

We also drove up to Mirror Lake on Sunday afternoon. As we got further and further up the mountain, the snow got deeper and deeper. We stopped at Provo River Falls along the way to check things out. Of course Eddie just wanted to play in the snow, and informed me that next time we go to the cabin we should bring his snow stuff.

When we got to Mirror Lake, it was snowing fairly heavily, so Kristen and Violet stayed in the car while Eddie I went to check out the lake. Once we felt the cold breeze coming off the water, we quickly turned around. On our way back to the car, Eddie took a detour to tromp through a deep patch of snow. Long story short, he ended up getting stuck up to his waist. When I pulled him out, one of his shoes came off in the snow. So I got to dig that out and carry our snow-covered boy back to the car as Kristen just looked on and laughed.

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