Dave is a huge slacker lately when it comes to blogging. So today, you get a post of random photos from the last few weeks to show that we are still here.

At the end of April, Dave took his trip to Portland for work. When he got home, I eagerly handed off the children to him while I got some exercise. They mostly just played out on the green court.

Violet doing isometric exercises
That weekend, we took a trip to Logan for the weekend to visit the Bartons. It just happened to be the week that National Parks were offering free admission, so we drove out into the middle of nowhere to see Promontory Point. I had never been there before and I was surprised how far out there it really is. I have now seen parts of Box Elder county that I never knew existed.

It was a cold day, so we didn't spend too much time outside. We were out just long enough for Dave to take some artsy photos of the kids walking on the tracks.

"We're outta here."
We were there the week before they bring the engines out for the season, so we were able to see them inside, but Eddie refused to get his photo taken by the big wheels. We had to sneak out of the tour early because our children were out of control. Then we continued on to Logan.

We didn't do much in Logan aside from eating at our favorite restaurants, but it was relaxing. On Saturday, we had a picnic with the family and the kids enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Eddie and Sarah on the tire swing
In the two weeks since Eddie's birthday party, we have been battling all sorts of illnesses. We've been spending most of our time at home as Violet has dealt with stomach bugs and fevers. I think we're finally all better now (hopefully). While Violet was sick, sometimes the only way to please her was to take her outside.

Riding Eddie's "motorcycle"
Violet finally started to cheer up yesterday. I knew she was feeling better when she ate all her string cheese while contentedly reading a magazine behind the "chouch."


Alicia said...

We had that horrible stomach bug/fever at our house too. Luke was the only one who got it really bad and the poor little guy lost several pounds. He finally started feeling better yesterday, but now he looks like he is wasting away. Violet looks thinner too in that last picture, or maybe she is just getting taller? Glad to see that you are alive, but I think I am more of a slacker than Dave when it comes to blogging. We should get together soon if all of our children are healthy.

Brandon and Annie said...

Violet looks so much bigger! I hate that babies have to grow up sometimes :( Sounds like you had a relaxing trip, I hope you didn't get everyone sick.

Krissy said...

I don't know how much weight she lost while sick, but she is getting pretty tall and thin. She wears 2T clothes these days.