Family Resemblance, Pt. 2

Violet has changed a lot over the last year, so I thought it high time to post more comparison photos (check out the last ones here). People comment all the time on who Violet looks the most like. I have heard people say she looks exactly like Eddie. Others have said that she's a mini-Krissy. And others have said she looks like my dad. I think she definitely looks most like me, but I was surprised as I looked through photos to see how much Eddie looks like me, too. Check it out:

Eddie & Dave
Violet & Krissy
Obviously baby clothes were much more stylish in the '80s (as was the wallpaper). Maybe this is what our kids would look like if we'd had quadruplets.


Ashley said...

That's funny. I actually thought when we were watching your kids that Violet looks a lot like Dave and TC agreed.

ScottBoomer said...

At first I thought that was Eddie sitting on bench out in woods by a stream, then I relizied that it was Dave sitting on a bench out in the woods by a stream. What a gorgous out door scene to take a picture in.

Dave said...

Yessiree, I can assure you that was the finest miniature bench and fake stream that money could buy.