Hitchcock State of Mind

I'm not quite sure why, but rotund silhouettes have aligned perfectly this week, and I have stumbled upon three different Alfred Hitchcock-inspired wonderments.

Rear Window Time Lapse
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I wonder if you could take footage from the movie Rear Window and digitally stitch it together into a coherent time lapse?" Yeah, me neither. But apparently someone did. According to the clip's creator, "The order of events stays true to the movie's plot." It boggles the mind.

8-bit Hitch
The next bit of silliness (from shortlist.com) is quite the anachronistic pairing—faux Hitchcock movie tie-ins for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. What more is there to say?

Alternate Hitchcock Posters

Recently, some coworkers and I were discussing what we would do if we had the freedom to live our creative dreams (i.e. not toiling away for a crafting company). The next day when I found these modern interpretations of classic Hitchcock movie posters (also from shortlist.com), I had my answer. I would love to design stuff like this day and night.

Originals are on the left, updates are on the right:

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