Girls' Getaway

Over the weekend, I had the rare opportunity to get together with some of the friends I grew up with. Thanks to the kindness of our husbands (and others), we were able to leave our older kids and enjoy an overnight getaway at the Barton cabin. I've known all these girls for 20 years or more, so it was great to be able to spend some time catching up. Five of us went, along with four babies, so it was a fairly full house. We got very little sleep (except maybe Erika, who was baby-free for the night) and enjoyed a night of eating junk food and chatting. On Saturday morning, we attempted to walk off some of the cookies from the previous night, then packed up and headed to Kamas for lunch at Hi-Mountain Drug for some delicious burgers and fries. It was a short trip, but very refreshing, and I hope we'll repeat it every year.

Caitlin & Benny, Alicia & Curtis, Me & Violet, Mindy & Lydia, and Erika


The Cranney's said...

So JEALOUS!!!! sounds so fun. Yes....please do it again next year. :) I want to come!

Caitlinp said...

Yes, let's do it again. How about next weekend?

Luke and Mary said...

:) i like Caitlin's suggestion.. i wish I could have gone. there were seriously like 500 million things planned for that same day. I just laughed when I heard about it because that added one more.
Yes yes, please do it again next year. it just sounds way fun.

Heather Dayton said...

Ditto on the jealous! How fun for you girls. Everyone looks so good! Let me know if you do it next year. :)