Barton Family Reunion '11

Last weekend was the annual Barton summer reunion. This is my 4th annual blog report of an event that is largely the same every year, so forgive me if this all feels a little familiar.

En route to Logan on Friday we stopped at Hill Air Force Base for a tour.

On Saturday morning we went to Bear Lake. We arrived bright and early to enjoy a delicious egg and bacon breakfast on the beach, courtesy of my dad.

Violet spent her day in the shade being absurdly flexible.

This picture kinda cracks me up.

My sister Christie and the newest Barton cousin, Jane. The family keeps getting bigger and bigger.

We enjoyed the cool water and warm sunshine throughout the morning and early afternoon until a pack of teenage hoodlums parked their caravan next to ours (you've never seen a group get the heck outta dodge so fast). Back in Logan, the weekend came to a successful close with my brother Rob and I putting on a pizza clinic for the fam.

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