Pioneer Day

For the holiday weekend, we made the trek down to Cedar City to visit my parents. For Dave's birthday, he got both a Utah road atlas and a GPS for the car, so we used both to plan another adventure on our way down. Instead of taking the tried and true (boring) route straight down I-15, we took a detour through Ephraim so that Dave could get some photos of the movie theater there (I'm sure he'll post them soon). After he shot his photos, we stopped in Manti to see the temple. I grew up in the Manti temple district, but hadn't been back since high school. Plus, Eddie thinks temples are great… and a temple that looks like a castle is even better!

We parked at the bottom of the hill to get the full view, slathered the kids with sunscreen, and hiked up to the temple. Dave is in decent shape since he's been biking to and from work this summer, but I have been pretty sedentary. And I was carrying Violet. So by the time we reached the top of that hill, I was in desperate need of a rest. Violet and I found a shady spot under a tree while Dave and Eddie climbed up the stairs in back of the temple. There, Eddie knocked on the back door and, as he told me later, "made himself at home."

While we waited for the boys, Violet drew all sorts of compliments from the ladies going in and out of the temple. She was looking pretty cute in her hat, so I can't blame them.

After leaving Manti, our GPS (nicknamed Jarvis) took us through the middle of nowhere en route to Cedar. I think we even went through a place called "Spearmint." But Jarvis didn't lead us astray and we arrived exactly on schedule. Eddie spent the rest of the weekend playing in the pool and outside. Dave and I got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. We saw a parade and Eddie got tons of candy. Violet spent the rest of the weekend poo-sploding and having her nose wiped since she got sick.


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun except the poo. I just told Cam yesterday that cleaning poo is the worst part about being a parent.

ScottBoomer said...

Little known fact about Manti is that the high schools mascot is the Templar's, an order of ancient knights. But it has nothing to do with the temple in Manti, it's just a coincidence.
Also Manti is known to have packs of wolverines that roam the streets after dark.

Dave said...

I realize a Templar is a knight, but come on, of course the temple was a factor when they chose that for a mascot. I just think it's funny how defensive Manti residents can be about it.

Krissy said...

I knew they were the Manti Templars because we competed against them in track in high school. And I got attacked by that pack of wolverines. I haven't been the same since.