Burger City, USA

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While my lists of sandwich and pizza joints have started to dwindle, my burger list seems to grow exponentially. I swear a new burger joint opens up weekly around here. Utahns definitely love their burgers. In fact, we love them so much that Travel + Leisure recently ranked Salt Lake City as the #2 burger city in the nation.


1481 West 12600 South, Riverton

Bombdiggity's sells "beefalo" burgers, which you can probably surmise comes from a hybrid of cows and buffalo. The benefit of using beefalo rather than regular beef is lower fat, calories, and cholesterol content. But the taste is also different than your typical burger. One reviewer described it as tasting like chopped steak, which I'd say is a fairly accurate assessment. These burgers are definitely unique, and it's reassuring to know they are better for you. But some days only a classic burger will do, calories be darned.

Buster Burger
1078 W South Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan

From the Buster Burger website, "We started eating burgers in late 2009. We tried every burger along the Wasatch Front. All along, we were working on our own burgers." This composite approach is immediately evident as different aspects of the BB experience reminded me of various burger joints I have been to. In particular, the menu reminded me of In-N-Out crossed with 5 Guys. Bread lovers should take notice of the fresh baked bun from Dunford Bakery. And one more thing—they have a different special for every day of the week, the highlight being "Free Fry Friday."

Millie's Burgers
2092 S 1000 E, Salt Lake City

Kristen and I lived a few miles south of Millie's for nearly two years and never ate there, save one trip for milkshakes. But back in those days when we went out for burgers, we pretty much never made it further north than the Training Table (not that there's anything wrong with that). After finally checking Millie's out recently, all I really have to say is there are no gimmicks or frills to be found here (unless you count the colorful Sugar House crowd)—just straight up, classic drive-in food.

1180 S 500 W, Bountiful
344 N Main St, Layton
1090 W 300 N, Clearfield

Pace's is a staple of Davis County. Having grown up there, I'm fairly certain there is a secret county ordinance mandating that Astro Bars be provided at every school, church, or community function taking place within county borders. So next time while you're stopping in to pick up a case of 400 Astro Bars for a seminary graduation party, you certainly could do worse than grabbing a made-to-order cheeseburger and a rainbow (a scoop of soft serve doused with fruity slush).

Salt City Burger Co.
9176 S Village Shop Drive, Sandy
401 W 500 S, Bountiful

I'm normally not a big fan of places with a condiment and topping bar where you have to dress your own burger (I'd rather not know how much mayo ends up slathered on there). But in the case of Salt City Burger, I'm going to make a delicious exception. The upscale atmosphere and tender, juicy beef recalls Smashburger. And they also offer a fresh take on the bacon cheeseburger—the bacon is ground right into the patty.


ScottBoomer said...

I do love Pace's. I had a grape rainbow drink just last night. Mmmm delicious.

Cheeseboy said...

Millies was my hang out in high school! LOVED that place. They had 3 burgers for a buck and 3 corn dogs for a buck. It always tasted delicious but felt like eating shards of glass. I can still taste the unique taste of a Millies 30 cent burger.

Jessica said...

i adore millies it is one of my most favorites. Millies also makes great shakes and onion rings. I know most of these are up north, but there is a great one called Woodys on 6172 south and 1300 east. Best Garlic burger of my life!!!

Eric Westover said...

Finally tried Salt City, nice. That's probably my choice for tastiest burger.