You may have noticed the quantity of posts has dropped off over the last several months. Between a more demanding full-time job during the day, periodic work at night, and another child that requires my attention, the simple truth is I have a lot less blogging time on my hands than I used to.

Often I will jot down ideas for potential posts only to have them get stuck in a time warp and consumed by poorly rendered CG meatballs with razor-sharp teeth (kinda like my ill-fated blog tribute to the 1995 TV movie The Langoliers). Anyway, that's essentially what this post is—a collection of reactions to recent pop culture events and other random thoughts that needed a proper home.

Q: Who came up with the name "Large Hass" avocados?
A: Just some smart Hass.

Q: How did we ever survive without credit card readers in checkout lines?
A: By having awkward conversations with cashiers (shudder).

Q: Speaking of awkward, is there anything worse than getting stuck in an elevator with a stranger?
A: Getting stuck in a bathroom stall with a stranger.

Q: What does NFL draft "expert" Mel Kiper do the other 11 months of the year?
A: Hair like that doesn't style itself.

Q: What's next on America's to-do list now that Bin Laden is dead?
A: Dispatch Seal Team 6 to shoot the economic recession in the eye.

Q: Who would have thought we would end up with five Fast and the Furious movies (and counting)?
A: Surely not Vin Diesel. He had his franchise money on The Pacifier.

Q: What would you do with a time machine?
A: I would go back to 1985 to witness the filming of the lost Eric Stoltz scenes in Back to the Future.

Q: Really, that's all you would do with a time machine?
A: Okay, I would also travel back to 1940 when the first McDonald's opened to see what their food originally tasted like.

Q: Who is the greatest true rock band of the last 15 years?
A: My vote goes to the Foo Fighters, who recently released their seventh studio album, Wasting Light. Their body of work and enduring popularity during this era are unmatched—granted the competition hasn't been particularly fierce.


Krissy said...

I think that we should watch Langoliers and live-blog it. It would make for a memorable post.

And I need to hear about when you were stuck in a bathroom stall with a stranger. That does sound awkward. I would be more interested to know how one would end up in that situation in the first place. I think it can be pretty awkward to be stuck in a bathroom stall with a talkative toddler when there are other people in the bathroom.

My final thought: I have never seen a guitarist play while wearing gloves before, but Pat does. I wonder if he can really do it or if it was just for the video?

Cheeseboy said...

You have me so curious about the original McDonalds now. I'd love to find that out too.