Family Photos 2011

Last Friday we had family photos done. Since our last few sets of family photos have been in more rustic settings, we determined we wanted something more urban this time around. We eventually realized the perfect location was only a few minutes from our house—Daybreak's own Soda Row. The interesting mix of contemporary architecture was an ideal fit for our modern sensibilities. Of course once we got started, we remembered that it is always windy out here. Combining this with the fact that Eddie was being a diva, and we were just hoping for one decent shot of all of us.

Turns out our worries were completely unfounded. We recruited one of my coworkers, Lindsey Briggs, to run the shoot. She did a bang up job in spite of it all, and we ended up with a plethora of great shots. This is normally the part where I would pimp Lindsey's photo business, but yesterday was actually her last day at Stampin' Up, as she is moving to Colorado next month. So if you want to hire her, you'd better get on it.

It was hard narrowing it down to just these eight, which I retouched in photoshop:


Cheryl said...

Those turned out so good. I love them.

Christie said...

Smiles from both kids even.. Did you have to bribe them with new McQeens? Nicely done.

The Lunds said...

I love them!

Anonymous said...

aww...so cute