Easter 2011

In celebration of the first bunny to lay colored eggs then hide them, we once again journeyed to Kristen's grandma's house in Huntington Canyon on Saturday. We ate some eggs-quisite barbecue, tried to egg-nore the resident family eggs-perts of everything, and thought up a bunch of egg puns to pepper throughout this post.

When the Easter egg hunt rolled around after lunch, Kristen's mom informed us that the total egg count was in egg-cess of 100. Thus the three kids who were of hunting age, Eddie included, came away with quite a haul.

As these egg-tivities were winding down, I started wandering around the farm to scratch my creative itch. I eventually found this apricot tree and old pickup truck.

Back at home on Sunday morning, Violet got her first bit of Disney princess merchandise in her Easter basket. Unfortunately, we didn't notice until then that Ariel is being a bit of an eggs-hibitionist—not behavior we want our daughter emulating. Well, either that or the toymakers really weren't thinking when they placed the ball's pump hole where they did...


Krissy said...

That ball looks so much worse in the photo than in real life. Poor Ariel needs some new seashells.

Hali said...

At least she seems pretty proud of herself!