Blessing Day

When selecting a blessing date, Kristen and I determined that the longer we waited, the more likely we would have decent weather so we could host an event outside. Of course the schizophrenic April weather had other plans, so we resigned ourselves to cramming 40 of our closest friends and family into our 1400 sq. foot townhome.

Siblings share a quiet moment before church.

…and the moment is passed.

The biggest hitch of the day was realizing my zipper was actually down during the blessing. Hopefully my suit coat (which only comes out of my closet every few years for these sorts of occasions), performed its primary function of keeping me decent.

Other than this XYZ incident, it ended up being a lovely (if somewhat hectic) day. Thankfully the sun made periodic appearances throughout the afternoon, so we were able to unleash some of the kids out into the courtyard. Our house was still jam-packed, and the spread of food was largely decimated. At the end of the day, pretty much only a few olives from the deli tray remained, which Eddie knew just what to do with.

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