Wild Thing

A belated thank you to everyone who helped make Eddie's Halloween Costume poll our most commented post ever. But even after Batman had pulled away in the voting, we still weren't totally sure if that was what we were going to do. Then, as I was reading Where the Wild Things Are to Eddie for the umpteenth time on Sunday, I had an epiphany—he could be Max in the wolf suit.

I figured since the movie is coming out in a few weeks, surely there would be a selection of officially licensed Max costumes out there. No such luck.

But Kristen did find plenty of online tips detailing how to make the wolf suit. After mustering her courage with a few trips to the fabric store, she is ready to put her seamstress skills to the test.

As for our poll winner, don't worry, Batman will still get his chance. In a few more years Eddie will want to be Batman on his own accord.


Krissy said...

Just so everyone knows, I don't expect the result of my sewing efforts to end up looking anything like the photo Dave found of a costume. I'm going to be using a Winnie the Pooh costume pattern and amateur sewing skills, so if it looks even remotely like Max, I will be happy.

No pressure... right?

Christie said...

Eddie in any wolf suit will be adorable and probably a little funny too. I can't wait to see it. Will you and Dave be the "wild things"?

Dave said...

I can just see me and Eddie now.