Ten Things...

...That Will Get You Blocked From My Facebook News Feed

As I have briefly covered before, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. So much about the social networking site drives me absolutely crazy, yet still I compulsively return day after day. Don't feel too bad if you have committed one or more of the sins below—just try not to be a repeat offender, okay? Besides, I'm sure some of my Facebooking tendencies have elicited eyerolls from a few of my 108 oh so close friends.

10. You don't know the difference between there, their, and they're, not to mention your and you're.

9. You love Cougar football, and you want the whole world to know it.

8. Your status updates are so ridiculously vague that multiple people always have to ask "what's going on?" and "details, please!"

7. Yet updates about your recent bout with the flu aren't vague enough.

6. You never met a post you didn't "like."

5. I have ignored your previous friend requests because I haven't talked to you in 10+ years and have no desire to resume, yet still you persist.

4. You have a mobile device and you aren't afraid to use it to update your status approximately 37 times a day.

3. You end all correspondence with "lol" or "woot woot."

2. You take time out from romantic getaways with your spouse to share the intimate details. I don't want to know that your room has a hot tub, really!

1. Facebook is your outlet to tell everyone what a sad sack life you have.


Krissy said...

Krissy likes this.

Christie said...

I like this too. And I'm off to check my facebook..