Life Goes On

ATTENTION: We now interrupt The Dave & Kristen Show's steady stream of movie, music, and book reviews to bring you something from our actual lives. Yes, imagine that, using our blog to update you on what we are up to.

A quick word on that—it seems like most of our family news is Eddie-related, and thus it is relegated to his blog. As for Kristen and I, it feels like we haven't left the house all winter. Luckily, there are countless ways to write about the aforementioned media, so we haven't been short on blogging material yet.

We went down to Cedar City on Thursday night to spend the weekend with Kristen's family. I have to say, aside from not getting paid as much, I am really digging the short work week. On Friday morning, we dropped Eddie off at Kristen's brother's house and drove down to St. George to go the temple. This was our first time going through this temple, and it was a nice break from the cold weather (and the boy too—don't tell him I said that).

On Saturday morning, I went golfing with the guys. While I have played "Mario" and "miniature" many times, this was my first time playing "real" golf. Let me assure you that I was awesome, never once hitting the ball out of bounds, botching an easy putt, or swinging and missing the ball completely. Unfortunately, there are no photos, scorecards, or testimonials to back up this claim.

Back at the house on Saturday afternoon, the weather was really nice, so we sat out on the front lawn for a while. Eddie obviously wasn't used to the prickly feeling of grass on his bare legs, so he kept lifting them up in the air just high enough so they wouldn't touch the blades.

Eddie's cousin Riley has just started walking. Perhaps in just a few more months, he will be joining her.

Grandma Andrews spending some quality time with her pride and joy.

Finally, on Saturday night, I bowled a 6 pack of strikes on Wii Sports en route to pro bowler status and a new house record of 229. So if my new golf career doesn't pan out, at least I will have Wii bowling to fall back on.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a much funner weekend than I did. I love Eddie trying not to touch the grass on his legs.

Ben said...

Hey Dave, is that all that happened this weekend?

Luke, Mary, and Tianna said...

Krissy--- I'm a little bit of a procrastinator so I haven't called to RSVP to the shower but I will be there! I LOOOOVE that it's not on a Saturday. For us stay-at-homers week days work great!
I look forward to seeing you!