The Other Members of the Barton Family

Many of you have probably been wondering (after reading approximately 3800 words about Indiana Jones) what happened to me and Eddie. Eddie has spent the last week or so eating, sleeping, and having his diaper changed. I have spent the last week or so feeding, sleeping, and changing diapers. But now we're back!

In his 2.5 weeks of life outside the womb, Eddie has gained 11 ounces and grown 1 inch! He has developed a great love for our good friend, Mr. Binky (special thanks to Binks for making this post possible). He has learned how to rip yet-to-be-fastened diapers off using only his heels. His likes are food, sleep, and binkies. His dislikes are dirty diapers, outfit changes, and baths.

As for me, I am recovering quite well. In Eddie's 2.5 weeks outside the womb, I have lost 20 pounds, but haven't grown any taller. I have developed more patience than I ever thought possible (I am generally a very impatient person). I have learned how to quickly change diapers (except for when I'm half asleep and he gets those heels in there). I have also learned that Dave is excellent at getting Eddie to go to sleep, which allows me to get some rest (special thanks to Dave for saving my sanity every evening).

We will be blessing Eddie in our ward on June 1st at 1 PM. There will be treats at our house afterwards.


Christie said...

Love the blessing announcement.. and glad to see a non-Indiana Jones post :-)

Let us know what we can bring for the blessing.

Team Ritz! said...

Love the announcement! You always have the cutest announcements. I guess that comes with marrying a graphic designer. Anyway, sounds like Eddie keeps you busy! I can't wait to meet him!

Luke, Mary, and Tianna said...

ADORABLE! and yes... i was beginning to wonder why Indy was more abundant than Eddie... but I'm glad to see he's back! :)

Cheryl said...

So cute, love the binky, he has definately my lifesaver too. He changes every week.