A Month to Forget

October has been pretty brutal around here. Our house has been overrun by mountains of snotty tissues, a cacophony of coughing, and the occasional vomit. The misery started three weeks ago. With the slightest hint of fall in the air, Eddie and Violet came down with colds. Kristen soon caught the bug. I managed to avoid it for a while, but inevitably it caught up with me as well.

This week, as Kristen and the kids started to feel better, my cold hit its peak. The last few days have been particularly rough, culminating tonight with a near death experience at Nicolitalia Pizzeria in Draper.

As I bit into my first slice of pizza, a rogue red pepper flake shook loose and tumbled down my throat, causing me to cough. I attempted to swallow the bite, but the molten cheese and sauce merely bounced around my mouth. By now I was coughing uncontrollably. My eyes started to water and my nose overflowed with snot. I frantically gulped at my water as Kristen just looked on and laughed.

I was eventually able to swallow the pizza. I stumbled to the bathroom so I could empty my nose and regain my composure. What a night. What a month. Is it spring yet?

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