Flower Power

In the previous post, Kristen sent a subtle jab my direction: "not that the nursery decor is complete, but that's not my fault." You see, a few months ago when we learned Morsel was a girl, Kristen determined we should decorate a wall in the nursery with vinyl flowers. She had a very particular idea of what she wanted, so she tasked me with creating a custom design.

My modus operandi when I'm not properly inspired is to procrastinate until the last possible minute. Thus I sat on this flower project for months and months, aggravating Kristen to no end. (Conversely, after we learned Eddie was a boy, I found some retro superhero signage for his room within weeks.)

Once I finally got around to designing the flowers a few weeks ago, it only took me about an hour (further aggravating Kristen). A coworker cut the vinyl for me on Thursday, and we put it up in the nursery today.

Now Morsel will surely come before the weekend is out. Of course this may have less to do with vinyl flowers and more to do with Kristen being scheduled to be induced on Sunday.


Heather Dayton said...

I love it - so cute!

Krissy said...

For the record, the flower petals are supposed to be lavender to match the rest of the nursery decor, but something went wrong during the cutting... so we're going to have the petals cut again in the right color at some point. This application was a test run.

Dave said...

Just one of the dangers of procrastination, kids.

Erika said...

Super cute! I wish I could do cute stuff like that with my house. Good luck tomorrow!!