Krissy's Grievances Part II

Using numbers instead of words (i.e. Food4Less)

It is not that hard to spell out the words "for" or "to" and it makes you look incredibly smarter if you do so. Go ahead... use a 4 instead of writing out "four." That's okay. But if you have any intelligence, you would not name your business "Food Four Less," so don't use the number 4! This also applies to using a single letter to replace a word, like U instead of "you." I may just be a grammar nazi, but it drives me crazy! On a side note, it also drives me crazy when legitimate businesses or candidates for public office spell things incorrectly on their signs, like one from last year's election that said "Leadership thats working." "Thats" is not even a word! I was ready to vote for that guy's opponent until I realized he wasn't in our district.

CEU transcript prices

$5? Are you kidding me? That one measly transcript cost me more than the ones from BYU and USU combined (including the stamps to mail my requests in). If I hadn't gone to school for free there, I would be more angry.

Things that get in my way

I mean this one literally, not figuratively. I have a knack for running into things that are always in exactly the same place... like our bookshelf, corners, doorknobs, etc. This is how I acquired my ankle injury in January -- I hit it on the side of the tub. It cracks Dave up because he frequently hears a bang shortly followed by me shouting "ouch!" Just the other day, I managed to hit my head on the inside of the dryer door. Then yesterday, I cut my knee on the corner of Dave's dresser. Don't ask me how I do it... it baffles me.

People who drive big SUVs and jacked-up trucks

I hate feeling so vulnerable to annihilation on the road. It's not like I drive a tiny car, but countless times I have found myself cowering in the shadows of a giant SUV or truck. Of course, the drivers of these monstrosities think that just because their vehicle is capable of crushing me into oblivion, they can disregard everyone else on the road and drive wherever they please. The worst is when you're stuck in traffic, right next to an Excursion. You know the driver can't see you because they have a 30-foot blind spot and your car is only a measly 15 feet, plus the driver is about 10 feet above the road surface, putting their field of vision approximately 6 feet above the top of your car. Of course, when this happens, they always feel the need to change lanes right over the top of any smaller car next to them. Needless to say, I use my horn a lot. And sometimes I roll down the windows and yell. Hopefully Eddie doesn't learn those words. Dave Barry sums up my irritation much more humorously in this column.

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