Anniversary in St. George

Last Thursday was our 5th anniversary, so we planned a little trip down to St. George this past weekend to celebrate. On the way down, we dropped Eddie off at his Grammy's house in Cedar City for our first baby-less night since he was born.

We arrived in St. George just in time for our dinner reservations at Scaldoni's. The restaurant featured a nice, upscale atmosphere, and the food was excellent. After dinner we checked in at our quaint little Bed & Breakfast, the Ava House Inn & Spa, then went on a walking tour of St. George's Historic District in the warm Southern Utah weather.

Rock of Ages? The Tabernacle juxtaposed with an adjacent sculpture.

In the morning we paid a visit to Ancestor Square to check out a local farmer's market. Next up was a tour of the St. George Tabernacle. After a trip to the outlet stores, lunch at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, and a tour of the Brigham Young Winter Home, Kristen started having some serious Eddie withdrawals. Luckily we soon met up with him and the rest of Kristen's family at the town square so the kids could play in the water features.

My camera saw a lot more action once Eddie arrived.

Playing in the fountain trying to catch the streams of water.

I had to include this one. Time for a new swim diaper, Ed?


Cheryl said...

Those are great photos. Sounds like a fun little getaway!!

The Cranney Family said...

Congrats on the 5 yr anniversary. Cale and I celebrate ours this July. Can you beleive how fast time flies. Those pictures of Eddie are too cute. How fun. Can't wait to get him and Colton together sometime soon.

Christie said...

I love all those historic red brick buildings around the square. My boys loved the waterways too.. maybe one day I'll actually post some pics of our trip too..