The Little Beasts Visit the Beastro

Now that the weather has cooled to the point where I actually enjoy venturing outside, I decided it was high time to get a new zoo membership. So today, I loaded up Eddie and a hysterical Violet and we went to the zoo. This is our first time going since the new Rocky Shores exhibit opened. This is also the first time I have taken Violet when she was at all aware of what was going on. She was not really happy to be there until we saw the first monkeys. She probably could've sat watching those monkeys perching on a branch all day. But Eddie is not one to linger, especially when there is a polar bear to see.

Violet was not happy about being placed in a large nest for a photo-op, but she managed a small smile. We would not be so lucky later on, as you can see below. Eddie really liked seeing the seals and sea lions. The exhibit is great because you can see the animals from above and also down below the water line. Violet laughed at the sea lion briefly as it laid on the deck making weird noises. Then she just wanted to go right back to pushing the stroller.

Next we went to see the polar bear and got a really good view. As we were inside watching the seals swim, the polar bear decided to take a swim, so we were among the few people inside next to the window as he swam around in circles right in front of us. Eddie really liked seeing the polar bear.

Unfortunately there was an unexplained "issue" with the giraffes so we didn't get to see them. Instead, we walked over and went on the carousel. You can see that Violet's mood had not greatly improved, though she did smile a bit as we went around. Violet enjoyed seeing the grizzly bears. We happened to find a secluded viewing area and shortly after we got there and Violet pressed her face on the window, all three grizzlies came to hang out with us. Perhaps they thought she looked like a snack. 

But I think her favorite part was the small animal building. She yelled at the tiny monkey to "STOP IT!" when he looked at her and she was afraid of the dark enclosure full of flying bats. I can't say that was my favorite either. Then she ignored the rest of the animals and tried to perform complex aerial gymnastics on the railing. She was not happy when I pulled her off every time she managed to get into this position. I just really didn't want her cracking her skull on the concrete floor. I am such a stick in the mud.

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Christie said...

We have a pass too-- we will have to go together sometime..