Ten Things…

...We'll Remember About Our Bahama Cruise
10. Cruise ship "staterooms" are way too small, especially with Violet's Pack-N-Play monopolizing what limited floor space there was. The four of us were packed in there like sardines.

9. Stateroom showers are also not adequate for getting sand out of every crevice. Just ask Mermaid Riley and Eddie. Oh excuse me, Mer-MAN Eddie. MER-MAN!

8. After hearing the poolside band pull off a reggae mashup of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and "I Believe I Can Fly," it is apparent that pretty much any song can be successfully reimagined with an island beat.

7. Violet loved the ocean and wanted to stay in the water the entire time we were at the beach. She even became a daddy's girl for the day because I would take her farther out into the waves than Kristen would.

6. The ship's kids club was heaven-sent. In addition to the themed activities and face painting, a few hours away from his parents each night helped prevent Eddie from getting thrown overboard.

5. Kristen's bleached, windswept hair and mirror-plated sunglasses had me itching to reenact scenes from Top Gun. "You can be my wingman any time."

4. Eddie spend most of the trip demanding we carry him, and Violet wanted to walk everywhere herself. Crazy kids.

3. Hermit crabs can provide hours of entertainment for a boy at the beach.

2. We can now say we've been to the Bahamas, but Kristen and I don't really feel like we've seen the Bahamas. Instead, we saw our ship, some tour buses, a few sections of beach, and more than enough souvenir shops. The one day in Nassau when we would have had a chance to do some exploring outside the tourist circuit, it was pouring rain. Oh well.

1. Cruises provide an endless supply of food that never seems to fill you up. Somehow, we both managed to make it home without gaining any weight.

Bonus Memory! People on vacation will wear anything and everything (or next to nothing). The highlight was when encountered an old man on the elevator wearing a fedora, gray muscle shirt, khaki shorts, crew length dress socks, and black loafers. (Not pictured, unfortunately).


Eric Westover said...

Cruises are the best! Not sure how you managed to not gain any weight though. Me - 7lbs. Worth every one!

Shahana said...

Really you had a great time.