Indecisive Eaters Anonymous

To say that Eddie is a picky eater is an understatement. There are a multitude of foods (like chicken) which he refuses to try for no apparent reason. But sometimes he will change his mind about his food while he is eating it. To illustrate this, I recorded a loose narrative of us going out for pizza last night.

We get settled in a booth and place our order.

Eddie: Where's the pizza!?
Kristen: They're still cooking it.
Eddie: Why is it not here yet?

The questioning continues until they bring out our cheese-filled breadsticks. Eddie examines them.

Eddie: (Without trying it) I don't like this bread.
Dave: It's just like pizza, but without the sauce.
Eddie: I don't like it.
Kristen: Well, our pizza will be ready soon.

Our pizza arrives. I give Eddie a slice.

Eddie: (Without trying it) I don't like this pizza.
Dave: Do you want me to cut it up into little pieces?
Eddie: Yeah.

He eats a few bites.

Eddie: I don't like this pizza.
Kristen: Well, that's our dinner.

Eddie continues to eat the pieces on his plate until they are gone.

Dave: Do you want more?
Eddie: No!

A few minutes pass while Kristen, Violet, and I all quietly eat our food.

Eddie: Can I have some of that bread?
Dave: (Surprised) Sure. Which one do you want?
Eddie: (Pointing) That one.
Dave: Okay, here you go.

He eats about half of his breadstick before chucking it back in the basket.

Eddie: I don't like this bread.
Dave/Kristen: (Shrug)

As we finish up, I start to put our leftover pizza in a box.

Eddie: Hey! I need more pizza!
Kristen: Oh, we thought you were done.

The rest of us sit and wait another 15 minutes while Eddie gradually downs the entire slice.

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