Cinematic Utah: Exotic Locales

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Today I've got an assortment of theater photos that have been piling up since last summer. This latest group took me to such exotic locales as Ephraim, Coalville, and Parowan.

Towne Theatre // Ephraim // 7.22.11

Loma Theatre (aka Neena's Market) // Coalville // 9.4.11

Quick tangent... Our trip out to Coalville was shaping up to be a disappointment when I discovered the Loma Theatre had been converted into a nondescript Mexican market. But at least there was a row of cool old buildings across the street to placate me. Plus, the next time we are passing through Coalville in need of "merchandise of highest quality," we'll know that the Summit Merc carries everything. Back to the theaters...

Electric Theatre // St. George // 10.8.11

Aladdin Theatre // Parowan // 10.9.11

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Caitlinp said...

Oh I love these photos so much. Make a book. I'll buy it.