She Crawls

Kristen and I often lament that we haven't given Violet the same sort of blog coverage that Eddie received as a baby. But such is the plight of the second child. There just isn't as much attention to go around. Of course keeping things in perspective, I have roughly two dozen photos total of the first three years of my life, while Violet already has a few thousand in the bank as she approaches eight months old. To quote comedian Jim Gaffigan, "I have more pictures of my kids than my Dad even looked at me."

Still, by the time Eddie was Violet's age, he had already starred in several blog videos, but Violet has yet to appear in one. Well, that changes today. She has been threatening to crawl for a few weeks now—getting up on her hands and knees, crouching, bouncing up and down like a frog, primed to take off before falling on her face. Earlier this week she finally made her move. Her struggle and eventual success is depicted in this, her belated video debut. The featured song is "Sleeping Lessons" by The Shins.


Hali said...

Hooray! Love a baby crawling, so cute!

Krissy said...

I love that her tongue is hanging out almost the entire time. What a little nutter butter!