Iron Horse and iMac

"Iron Horse," our beloved Power Mac G5, passed away suddenly on the morning of March 18th, due to complications with the logic board.

Iron Horse joined our family shortly after we were married, largely thanks to Kristen triple-dipping the system by securing a government grant to "supplement" her two scholarships.

Like most modern technology, after Iron Horse hit five years of service, it became a ticking time bomb of obsolescence. But this stalwart computer defied the odds and lasted an additional year and a half past this unofficial expiration date.

In this time of sorrow we also have cause to rejoice, for FedEx delivered a bundle of joy to our doorstep on Friday—a shiny new 21" iMac.

I made the mistake of showing Eddie the Photo Booth application the first night I got everything set up, now the rest of us may never again get to use the new computer in peace while he is around. Here's a short video of Eddie playing around with all the silly webcam effects that other Mac users got bored with three years ago.


Cheryl said...

That's great. You can entertain him for hours with that.

Hali said...

I liked your cameo in their Dave, awesome dancing Ed, well done!

Dave said...

If we have any experts at reading distorted lips, at the minute mark you can see Eddie mouth the words, "I don't need to see that. Turn it off, Daddy."

Cheeseboy said...

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you during this troubled time.